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We love to feature smart new voices with something relevant to say!  Wait!  Don’t hit send on that email just yet. Please read the guidelines below to find out what we think makes a great SavageWorldsGM.com guest post.

It Must Be Useful

First rule of  writing for SavageWorldsGM.com  is… you DON’T talk about writing for SavageWorldsGM.com!!!

Just kidding. The first rule is to make yourself useful.

Is there something about Savage Worlds that’s difficult for most people, but comes easily to you? Is there something you’ve spent endless hours mastering? Those are both great potential topics for a post.

Our readers want actionable content. They expect posts that help them improve their Savage Worlds chops, deal with common problems at their table, or gain mastery now. Explore some facet of the tabletop roleplaying hobby and Savage Worlds that you feel strongly about, and can express clearly.

Our content must provide a significant benefit to the reader. You don’t have to be the next Clint Black (Although if you are and you want to write for us, we’d love to see your posts). Bottom line is: our content solves problems that our readers care about.

It Must Be Relevant

Obviously, guest posts for SavageWorldsGM.com need to be relevant to the topic at hand.

If you’re writing about when to use Vehicular Combat instead of the Chase Rules, getting players to use tactics and maneuvers, explaining Shaken, sharpening your improvisational skills, creating a kick-ass one shot for a convention game, or building a custom setting world from scratch, SavageWorldsGM.com might be a good fit for your post.

If you’re writing about the hottest new MMO, latest version of Dungeons & Dragons, or “How to Min/Max Your Player Character”, you may want to find another venue. Unless, that is, you can tie that to one of our core topics in a memorable way.

You’ll move to the top of our list if you can authoritatively write on the following topics:

  • Core Mechanics
  • Game/Convention Prep
  • Setting Rules
  • World Building
  • Virtual Tabletops
  • Adventure/Campaign Design
  • Interpersonal Communication

We stay away from elementary topics. This includes:

  • Rudimentary Rules
  • Game/Combat Balance
  • Passive Aggressive Tips

It Must Be Well-Written

You must care about tone, style and clarity.  You wouldn’t know it from listening to the podcast, but we can be real picky bitches. We’re talking grammar nazi level picky bitches.  There are few things you can do to get on our good side, like:

  • Don’t break a grammatical rule, unless it emphasis tone or has a dramatic effect.
  • Avoid the passive voice; it can prevent the reader from understanding what you mean.
  • Know the difference between their, there, and they’re.
  • Don’t let us see your modifiers dangling.
  • And for fuck’s sake, run your article through spell check!

It’s helpful if your writing has a unique voice. Be interesting. Use a great metaphor, or analogy. Tell a compelling story. Spend time on your headline (Hint: It should address the two guidelines above).

Nobody is perfect. The occasional typo sneaks in despite our best efforts. Invest the necessary time and attention to making your posts as good as they can possibly be.

There are some brilliant blogs out there that use “first draft” content. We are not one of them. This is a place for your best, most thoughtful writing. Work through a few rewrites. It’s also very helpful to set your piece aside for a day or two before coming back to it with fresh eyes.

It Must Be Approved

You don’t have to write your guest post in its entirety before you submit it.

Let us know what you’d like to write about and why you think it’s a good fit by filling out form below. Please be patient–– some days we just can’t answer email as quickly as we’d like. But we’ll get back to you and let you know if we’d like to see more.

If we dig what you’re putting down, we’ll be in touch. We try to send a link to a form you may use to write the rough draft. We can’t share the whole process, but it can take some back and forth before your article sees the light of day here on SavageWorldsGM.com.

Guest posting rules:

  •  Your guest post must be free of any sense of promotion. You may not advertise your product, online properties, business, include affiliate links or screenshots that brand your own product or online properties, or service within your post. The point of a guest post is to prove that you are a thought leader and influencer. Educating our readers on the topic you have chosen should be your only goal.
  •  You may include a bio/signature section at the end of your post. In most cases, we will format the information as an about the author box.  If a company name or link to a personal online property is relevant to your biography, an exception may be made to mentioning or linking your company or online property.
  • We do not provide compensation for guest articles.

Legal Stuff

By submitting an article proposal, you grant SavageWorldsGM.com the unlimited, non-exclusive right to publish your article on SavageWorldsGM.com in perpetuity. You can post or otherwise use your article elsewhere, but we can keep it posted here forever.