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S14E02 – Cheating

[powerpress] Cheating!  Is it even possible in a roleplaying game?  Is metagaming cheating? What about dice fudging?  And what the hell is a Quantum Ogre!?! Hosts: Jerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ Gunning, David Scott, Dustin 'The Savage Intern' Smith, and JIB Links:Savage Worlds Deluxe, G+Savage Worlds GM Community, Happy Jacks RPG Podcast

S14E01 – Blackwood

[powerpress] Eli Kurtz joins the hosts to discuss the Blackwood setting, a mix of martial arts and folklore, currently live on kickstarter. Back it now! Hosts: Jerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ Gunning, David Scott, Chris 'Savage Mommy' Fuchs, and JIB Links:Savage Worlds Deluxe, G+Savage Worlds GM Community, Happy Jacks RPG Podcast,  The Blackwood Kickstarter

S13E14 – Winning

[powerpress] They say there is no winning in roleplaying games. There is also no I in TEAM, but there is a ME if you rearrange the letters. The hosts discuss how to succeed at challenging the characters and players in your game! Hosts: Jerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ Gunning, David Scott, Dustin 'The Savage Intern',…

S13E16 – Better Bad Guys

[powerpress] Bad guys. The hosts discuss creating more engaging and three dimensional bad guys to challenge your party. Hosts: Jerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ Gunning, David Scott, Dustin 'The Savage Intern', and  JIB Links:Savage Worlds Deluxe, G+Savage Worlds GM Community, Happy Jacks RPG Podcast

S13E13 – Savage Tales

[powerpress] Is there a lack of Savage Tales? There are a multitude of fantastic setting books. But what about stand-alone “modules”?We discuss where to find them, why they aren’t as prevalent, adventure generators and other forms of play (open world, theme park, etc) with special guest Eli Kurtz Hosts: Jerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ Gunning, David…

S13E12 – Settings and Conversions

[powerpress] Settings and Conversions. Any setting you can imagine, from popular movie franchises to complete systems from the golden age of tabletop roleplaying games, is achievable in Savage Worlds. The fan community is huge!  Published settings like Deadlands, Weird Wars, East Texas University, and  more can become a patchwork conversion for…
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