S16E01 – Who’s the Boss?

The hosts discuss the player character group leader. Should there be one?  Do you need a PC leader in a pirate or modern military game?  And what is the Gamemaster’s leadership role?

HostsJerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ GunningDavid Scott, JiB, and Chris Fuchs
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One thought on “S16E01 – Who’s the Boss?

  1. We running out of topics or was this a phone it in topic? This was by far the weakest episode in awhile. I mean do we REALLY need a discussion on who plays a leader in a game where characters can be the driving force of any leader (NPC)?
    The lackluster of the episode really just made me focus on how much Dave cracks himself up with his own thoughts.(while mentioning the actor wanting more $$$, for example)
    Love Savage Worlds and you guys are usually pretty spot on. This episode just wasn’t one of em. They can’t all be winners, keep up the good fight

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