S16E02 – Session Zero Checklist

Scott W joins the hosts to discuss and share their session zero thoughts and personal pre-campaign checklists.

HostsJerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ GunningDavid Scott, JiB, Scott W.Chris Fuchs, and Dustin ‘The Savage Intern’ Smith
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One thought on “S16E02 – Session Zero Checklist

  1. Scott! Amen to every word you say! People are pussies and cunts and X card is theeeee biggest pussifying homogenizing of not only gaming but society as well. I’m glad you have the balls to say your real feelings and didn’t worry about “losing listeners” or being an enabling PC whiner. Thank you for that!
    As well as the whole viewpoint of “I don’t need to describe murderporn/ rape in my game.” A-fucking men!
    The bottom line is all the sensitive snowflakes need to get their own games and stop ruining others good times.

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