S15E16 – Magical Economy

The hosts discuss the impact of magic in your fantasy games and campaign world, and offer some helpful advice for running magic in Savage Worlds. Hosts: Jerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ Gunning, David Scott, and Dustin 'The Savage Intern' Smith Links: Savage Worlds Deluxe, G+Savage Worlds GM Community Patrons: Ruben Rivera, Chris Criscione, Andrew Schwilling, Peter Adams,…

S14E07 – Overserved

[powerpress] Pulp!  Fantasy!  Sci-Fi!  Savage Worlds offers a number of settings for various genres.  Is one more overserved than another? Which genres are underserved, or overlooked?  The hosts discuss Savage Supers genres. Hosts: Jerrod ‘Savage Daddy’ Gunning, David Scott, and JIB Links: Savage Worlds Deluxe, G+Savage Worlds GM Community, Happy Jacks RPG Podcast